Trailer Features

Creating A Pleasant Restroom Experience

Easy Scheduling

Scheduling the drop-off and pickup of your restroom trailer is simple and easy. Start by filling out our quote request form. We will contact you right away to answer any questions and complete the process of booking your restroom trailer.

No Hassle Delivery

Our delivery team will schedule a convenient time to deliver the trailer to your venue. We deliver 1-2 days before the event and coordinate with the venue to ensure the prime delivery time and restroom trailer placement.

Easy Setup

Within minutes of arriving, we level the trailer, connect it to water and power and complete the setup. The trailer is ready for your guests to enjoy a pleasant restroom experience. After the event, we clean up and tear down so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Clean & Sanitary

Our restroom trailers are rigorously cleaned after every event to ensure they are sanitary and safe. Additionally, because the restrooms having running water and flushing toilets, they stay cleaner for the duration of your event.

Water, Lights & Mirrors

We’ve thought of the little things. From modern decor and large mirrors to fragrant antibacterial hand soap and bright lighting, you can be sure the restroom experience will be a pleasant one for you and your guests. 

Additional Features

See the answers to some frequently asked questions.